#1. Send Chris :

  • resume with the work-site you will be completing your supervised practice
  • 2 professional references
  • CAP approval of academic credentials

**Please Note: We DO NOT offer a work-site or client case-load currently**

#2. Supervision Contract

Upon us both deciding we are a good fit for a supervision relationship, we will each complete the supervision contract I've prepared, outlining each of our responsibilities

#3. Supervision Plan

Lastly, we will work together to complete the CAP supervision plan, and upon approval, begin supervision for the required 1600 hours.

How Supervision Happens


Here we will spend the majority of our time together, likely through video-conferencing. I'll be able to give the most attention to the work you are doing, ethical and legal questions, and your individual development as a psychologist, including theoretical orientation. 


Going through the challenging steps of registering as a psychologist: the EPPP, work hours, the oral exam, is difficult. It can really help being in a group with others going through the same challenges, and Chris will arrange group supervision sessions with multiple provisional psychologists. 


I will be attending your work-site  3 or 4 times throughout your 1600 provisional work hours. This will give me the chance to be with you when you do the various professional activities you are gaining competence in, such as pscyhotherapy, assessment, teaching, consultation, supervision (of students), etc.